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Favourite genre of music: Electronic
Operating System: WinXP
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Favourite cartoon character: Stuey (Family Guy)
Personal Quote: Round things are perfect!
:teddy: 1000 pageviews!! YAY!  :teddy:

Who could've guessed it,after my first 2 weeks here I have 1000+ pageviews! I'm awestruck *heartattack* I love you guys :love: :heart: :hug: :glomp: :hump: THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Other news:
Whew...well,tonight,I had the worst nightmare in ages.I usually dream of incoherent happy things,but tonight...ooohh,creepy.Kinky.Weird.
There was a dog in the neigbourhood barking like crazy all night,might have something to do with that since I heard bark-like screams in my nightmare.Anyway,it was about some zombie falling in love with me and hunting me down a beach  :chainsaw: and I was like  :cynic: *nooooo* but i couldn't climb up the *stairs* (I don't even know to where) because they were made of sand  :alienxmas:.He cought me and took me to some kind of torturing chamber  :skull: where he chained me to a wall and some other girls aswell :fear: . Weird enough,but some of the girls had their mouths sewed together and their limbs massacred  :siamese: .Eww...I can't tell you how that looks in a dream  :backstab:,very real indeed .Anyway,I tried to escape and I did but then the zombie's friends,who were not zombies,were after me,following me wherever I was going  :yakuza:,bad enough it was night and my cell phone was low on battery :mobile: and I couldn't call anyone.They were hiding and jumping out of dark corners and scaring me  :sprint: ...and eventually I got home and heard those bark-like screams and thought they did something to my family and then i woke up and was very scared...:faint:
They I think there was a scene with a biological disease and a jungle full of weird hairy monkey-like people but I can't quite fit that one in :? ...

:bulletpurple: + K I R I B A N + :bulletpurple:

:sun: Yay! looks like we have a winner! The 1000 hit kiriban goes tooo - :iconlilacqualia: - an inflation artist who also has a lot of interesting thoughts on inflation that you can check out in her journal!

The next kiriban is at :rzero: 2500  :rzero: hits,so keep clickin' back here every now and then,you might just get it! And if you do,send me a :postit: note with a screenshot and you will get a picture of anything you want :)

:bulletgreen: Art Trades :bulletgreen:

I'm open for art trades! Send me a note if you want to do an art trade with me :kiss:

Art Trades In Progress:

:iconfufuman: asked for inflated April O'Neil --> FINISHED…
I asked for inflated Black Lady in return --> I N   P R O G R E S S

:iconifrit-7: asked for inflated Deena Morrivan,fictive character --> FINISHED…
I asked for a Honeybee Queen inflation gif animation in return --> I N   P R O G R E S S

:iconmarshmallow-maker: just requested an art trade!~ :)

:bulletred: Commissions 5$ :bulletred:

If you want,you can commission me to draw your favourite characters inflated or anything else you might have in mind ;)

:buymyprints: - 1 pic full color - 1 month DA subscription which costs 5$

How to contact me:
Ok,before I chat to people I like to have insight on who they are so PLEASE tell me that you know me from DA and your DA nickname or something before you start asking me stuff ;) really appreciated.I will answer all emails,but I can't guarantee how often I am online for chatting and the like ^^;

:emailsend: Mail:
:icq: ICQ: 342337770
:windows: MSN:
:postit: or just send me a note :)

:star: AWESOME PEOPLE :star:

This is just a list of awesome people~

+  U N D E R + C O N S T R U C T I O N  +


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Cool stuffs!
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Hi cherubee. im mike. nice to meet u. i like ur interest in inflation. we should talk about it. im a huge fan of inflation.
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nice gallery you have here ^^
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